934 Georgia Avenue

The Johnston Felton Hay House is one of two National Historic Landmarks in Macon. Designed by New York City architect T. Thomas, it was built for William B. Johnston who was Depositary of the Treasury during the Civil War. He filled the 16,000 square foot residence with many fine furnishings and art work. Notice the Corinthian-columned piazza topped by a cast iron serpentine balustrade, the opposing symmetrical wings with clerestory windows, the ocular windows accented by decorative iron grilles and the three-level octagonal cupola.The Johnston heirs sold the property in the 1920s to P. L. Hay, who also added to the collection of antique furniture and porcelains.The Hay heirs donated the property in the 1970s to the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation which now operates it as a house museum.

934 Georgia Avenue is stop 1 on the Lights on Macon tour.