988 Bond Street

One of Macon’s most impressive houses, it was designed by master builder Elam Alexander. It is beautifully positioned on the crown of the hill overlooking Macon and the Ocmulgee River. For this magnificent site, Alexander designed a Greek temple with 18 Doric columns forming a colonnade on three sides. Joseph Bond, who bought the house in 1848, later added the flanking wings, as well as the upper balcony and a new doorway. In 1877 a grand Confederate reunion ball was held in the house by its owners, the Colemans, for ex-confederate President Jefferson Davis and his family. The delightful gazebo of Oriental design and Moorish detailing was added during the Victorian Period—a time when exploration of the Middle and Far East influenced architecture.

988 Bond Street is stop 27 on the Lights on Macon tour.