Frequently asked questions

What is Lights on Macon?

Lights On Macon is a free self-guided walking or driving tour where you can enjoy illuminated residences in the InTown Macon neighborhood. Learn more about our history.

When should I take the tour?

This is a flexible tour available year-round, so you can enjoy it when it works best for you. The ideal time to view is in the evening, when the properties are illuminated to highlight architectural features, but of course you can admire during the day as well!

What should I bring?

Dress comfortably for walking and bring a flashlight.

Are there any safety concerns?

As always, pay attention to all posted road signs and obey all traffic laws. Use caution if taking the tour during inclement weather. Road conditions and sidewalk conditions will vary; remind your children to be safe when crossing any roads. This tour can be taken at night; when doing so, please use additional caution navigating streets and sidewalks. As noted above, dressing properly (including proper footwear), bringing a flashlight, and staying hydrated are always good ideas!

Can I go inside the homes?

Good question! These historic homes are meant to be viewed from public sidewalks and spaces only. Treat these homes as you would like your own home to be treated, and stay in publicly accessible areas. 

What else do I need to know?

Be respectful of the private homes you will see. These homes are part of Macon’s historic heritage; treating the homes and homeowners with respect and care will ensure that these homes are available for public enjoyment for a long time to come.