Lights on Macon

An illuminated walking tour of Macon’s most resplendent homes.

Welcome to Macon’s oldest historic residential neighborhood. We invite you to take an evening stroll to enjoy the stunning homes and rich history of InTown Macon.

Macon is a historic city in Central Georgia with a rich past and culture. A historic home tour from Lights on Macon is the perfect outing if you are looking for things to do in Macon or the greater Atlanta area, and are interested in architecture, history, and Southern culture. Spend an afternoon as a family enjoying the culture and romance of the past on a city walk through our many historic neighborhoods. Fancy a romantic evening stroll? The lovely Victorian mansions and antebellum architectural homes on our tour are illuminated in the evenings, making this the perfect night-time walking tour.

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The Lights on Macon tour is presented by InTown Neighborhood Association and Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

Architectural Styles

A truly one-of-a-kind experience.

The Lights On Macon Illuminated Tour showcases architecture styles of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Carefully researched and presented, our self-guided tours are designed for every level of knowledge and experience. Are you an architectural buff who knows the intricate differences between Craftsman, Gothic, and Victorian styles? Come admire the towering fluted columns of the Revival periods, the swirling corbels of the Italianates, and the abundant decoration of the Victorian styles. Are you a history lover interested in neoclassical antebellum architecture and history? You'll love the Greek Revival style Woodruff house, a prime example of antebellum architecture built in 1836 with a rich history. Or do you simply love the beauty and romance of Victorian mansions? Our tour features over 50 Victorian mansions and homes, including the nostalgic storybook charm of the Lee Alumni House built in 1850.

Whether you go with a group of friends, or just by yourself, you will appreciate the skill and artistry of the architects and craftsmen who designed and built these lovely historic homes. For families looking for fun and free things to do in Macon and the wider Atlanta area, our tour is family-friendly as well. Taken at your own pace and with lots of space to spread out, Lights On Macon’s illuminated architectural tour is an easy, inexpensive way to get children interested in architecture and history.

Macon's historic neighborhoods have something to interest everyone, so head over to our tours page and get started on your illuminated walking tour today.

American 19th Century Industrial
Photo by Chris Smith
Beaux Arts
Photo by Chris Smith
Photo by Chris Smith
Photo by Chris Smith
Federal Revival
Photo by Chris Smith
Folk Victorian
Photo by Chris Smith
Gothic Revival
Photo by Chris Smith
Greek Revival
Photo by Chris Smith
High Victorian Eclectic
Photo by Chris Smith
Italian Renaissance Revival
Photo by Chris Smith
Photo by Chris Smith
Neoclassical Revival
Photo by Chris Smith
Queen Anne
Photo by Chris Smith
Romanesque Revival
Photo by Chris Smith
Second Empire
Photo by Chris Smith
Tudor Revival
Photo by Chris Smith

The Tour

Architectural beauty and history, right at your fingertips.

Lights on Macon offers a self-guided experience where you can go at your own pace and explore as much as you want. Our website has all the information you need for a complete and memorable historic home tour: there is a map and directions for every historic home on our routes, combined with a beautiful high-resolution photo and a brief, informative description. Our site is optimized for viewing on your mobile so you have all the information you need with you, eliminating the need to print anything out beforehand.

Discover your new favorite architecture and tailor your tour to find stunning examples. Create your own itinerary or choose one of ours: our tours page allows you to filter by styles or neighborhoods, or choose from our curated staff picks.

Our historic houses are illuminated at night and dramatically highlighted to showcase key architectural features so you can explore in the evening. Or make it a daytime excursion if you prefer to view the richness of the color of these homes and the beauty of the landscaping by daylight. With a variety of styles to admire, you can expect a truly unique and beautiful walking or driving tour.

Community Foundation of Central Georgia

Proudly supported by the Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

The Lights on Macon Tour is presented by the InTown Neighborhood Association and is funded by a generous grant from Community Foundation of Central Georgia.

In Memoriam

In Memory of Stephen Fulbright, Visit Macon.
"Remarkable Advocacy"


Dedicated to Lights On Macon creators Maryel Battin, Judy Rando, and Tom Wight.


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